Closed Beta coming!


In the last few month, I got my feedback primarly from a small group of friends. Now I reached a point where I feel comfortable presenting the game to a bigger crowd.

For that purpose, I put together a small demo version of Kitten Quest! that contains the first five levels of the story mode and an experimental version of the endless mode. Skins are also avaible!

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I’m hoping to get some more diverse feedback and a better understanding of how the game runs on different devices.

I already invested some time in optimization, but with more feedback coming, I will be able to focus on the most important parts regarding performance.

Greetings and have fun!

Money, Cats and Kitten Quest!

Hello guys! It’s me, Sebastian – developer of Kitten Quest!

Today I want to talk about the funding of Kitten Quest! and how being a developer for hobby purposes affects the targeted income.

Sad truth: Developing games costs money

Even with modern game engines becoming more and more popular, the development of video games still requires money. Even small smartphone titles cannot be finished without funding.

Some developers get their money from investors, credits or publishers, other burn through their savings until their game is finished and sells well enough to cover their daily expenses.

Others, including me, develop a game in their freetime while working on a full time job. There are some obvious downsides to this solution, mainly the limited amout of time and energy that can be used to complete the project.

But there are also a few very valuable advantages: There is no pressure like paying back a credit or fulfilling a contract. Since I’m already having a stable job, game development does not need to pay my rent or cover daily expenses. Therefore, I can focus on the features I’d like to see in my game without paying attention to their financial benefits.

No money, no problem?

While I’m hoping to get a small player base, I don’t expect to get much money out of this project. However, it would be nice to get my investment back so I can start a new project without paying extra.

But there is another reason why I care about the earnings. Developing and releasing my own game wasn’t the only motivation that led to the creation of Kitten Quest! I also wanted to do something for our local animal shelter.

Thats why I decided to donate half of my generated income as soon as I covered my expenses. Let me show you what thats means and how I expect to earn money with Kitten Quest!

Development costs explained

At the end of the day, I expect the development costs (everything covered) of Kitten Quest! to be round about 1.000,00 €.

The following table should provide a rough overview about my spendings:

Google developer licenceNeeded to publish in the Google Play Store100€
AssetsMusics, graphics and coding assets.700€
OtherSoftware licences, expense allowance, Cloud services, Website Hosting~200€


Kitten Quest! can generate income in different ways:

  1. Free Version
    Like the most mobile games nowadays, Kitten Quest! offers a free version with ads.
  2. Paid Version
    A one time payment can disable all ads.
  3. Voluntary Ads
    There is a button in the main menu that allows players to watch ads voluntarily. There is no reward or duty behind it. The whole point is giving players an option to support the cause without spending money.

At the moment, I’m thinking of 1,99 € as a price of the paid version. Google wants 30% of it, in this case 0,66 €, meaning 1,33 € line in my pocket.

The ad related income is harder to calculate. The rewards differ from day to day or sometimes even within hours. A very vague guess would be a gain of about 0,10 € from a very active user on one day.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the funding of my game.

See you next time!