Kitten Quest!

Soon on Android PlayStore!
Kitten Quest Titelbild

Kitten Quest is a lighthearted platformer that pays tribute to classic jump n’runs on retro home consoles.

Always on the go

Cats are athletic creatures. Jumping, climbing – even double jumps are no challenge for sharp claws and strong muscles.

Infinite possibilities

Kitten Quest! combines the diversity of randomly generated elements with the love of handcrafted enviroments. Every stage is build together out of over 200  handcrafted parts.

Made for mobile

Kitten Quest! is design with mobile usage in mind. The short levels fit into every gap in your schedule and allow you to make meaningful progress even in short sessions.

Kitten Quest! Skin Art

Fairness by design

Remember when bonus characters where unlocked instead of bought? If you buy Kitten Quest!, you own the game with all its content. There are predatory practices like microtransactions or lootboxes.