Is there a free version of Kitten Quest!?

There is a free version with video ads between the levels. There are no further restrictions compared to the paid version.

Is it possible to play Kitten Quest! on Apple devices?
There is no plan to release an iOS version. Developing and releasing on Apple platforms is extremly expensive compared to Android. I might port the game to iOS if there is an unexpectedly high demand.

Will there be any content patches or addons?

That’s possible, but not in sight yet. It depends on multiple factors like the success of the game and my private situation.

Can I do anything if I experience strange bugs or performance issues on my phone?

Yes, you can! There is a special mode for older or inefficient phones in the settings.

Is it possible to report bugs or suggestions?
Of course it is! Bugs and suggestions can be send to Since Kitten Quest! is developed as a hobby project in my freetime, I cannot make any promises about reaction time and problem solving.

That being said, I try to acknowledge as many mails as possible.